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Finding Aids





Matches for personal Category

Adams, Amos, Papers, 1875-1900
Allen, James Henry, Papers, 1915-1936
Anderson, Archie, Papers, Margaret Hards Colleciton, 1873-1945
Andres, Anna, Papers, 1939-1960
Baker, Ward, Papers, 1963-1965
Banta, A.F. collection [MS - 9]
Barlow-Massicks, Thomas Gibson, Papers, 1890-1910
Biographies Collection
Brady, James B., Papers, 1898-1939
Brown, William H., Papers, 1865-1875
Buhler, John W., Papers, 1930-1946
Burns, Mike (Hoomothya) collection [MS - 8]
Calhoun, Kenneth M., Papers, 1972-1991
Campbell, John G., Papers, 1865-1955
Campbell, Thomas, Papers, 1878-1938
Carter, Thomas Brunston Family, Papers
Central Arizona Medical History Project, Records, 1995-1997
Champie-Cordes Collection
Chase, Linda Jane Stern, Collection, 1885-1997
Cleator Collection, 1910-2002
Cook, F. A., Diary, 1864
Cooper, Nel Sweeten Manuscript Collection
Cory, Kate Thompson, Papers, 1905-1912
Crosby, Zola, Manuscripts
Cunningham, Robert L., Papers, 1917-1927
Dial, Edith, Photographs and Papers, 1920-1949
Doutt, Edward, Papers, 1898-1929
Eells, T.S. “Tommy”, Papers, 1882-1887
Ehle, Frank Collection
Eklund, Gustav W., Papers, 1918-1940
Fennell, Cecil G., Papers, 1960-1980
Floyd V. Jones Collection
Ford, George W. and Clara Beauchamp, Papers, 1861-1966
Freeman, Danny collection [MS - 6]
Fritche, Barbara, Papers, 1948-1968
Garrett, Robert M., Papers, 1897-1908
Genung, Charles collection [MS - 5]
Hall, Sharlot collection [MS - 12]
Henderson, Raymond Collection, 1950-1971
Hewins, Alice Butterfield, Papers, 1896-1906
Hollingshead, Charles, Papers, 1864-1936
Hume Family, Papers
Johns, A.A. "Tony", Papers, Merle Farmer Collection, 1870-1964
Johnson, A.C., Papers, 1917-1973
Jones, Floyd V., Papers, 1918
Jones, William P. collection [MS - 15]
Judd, Abia collection [MS - 1]
Kohnke, William, Papers, 1916-1945
Kuhne Collection
Lawler, John and Helen, Papers, 1883-1969
Lee, Katie Audio Collection
Lee, Katie, Papers, [1893-1993 (1960-1980 bulk)]
Loughans, Michael E., Papers, Cooper Collection, 1890-1912
Lubken, Walter J., Papers and Photographs, 1908
Lytle, Victor and Ethel, Photographs, 1923-1946
McCabe Mine, Records, Rod and Carolyn Johnson Collection, 1887-1993
McCormick, Margaret; Denike, Emma, Correspondence, 1865-1869
McCroskey, Mona Lange, Papers, Walter Lange Collection, 1899-1976
McCroskey, Mona, Papers
McGrew, Celeste Rothenberger, Papers, 1858-1985
Mitchell/Brown collection [MS - 3]
Munds-Benedict Collection
Murphy, James E, Papers, Bowers Collection, 1898-1901
Nunn, W. Austin and Annie, Papers, 1885-1949
O’Neill, William “Buckey”, Papers, 1883-1898
Octave Mine, Records, Carlson Collection, 1897-1979
Oliver, Alexander G., Papers, 1842-1924
Poston, Charles Debrille, Papers, 1850-1899
Power, Effie M., Papers, 1912-1913
Powers, Benjamin, Papers, 1944
Prescott Unified School District, Scrapbooks
Rigden, Margaret Hayes, Photographs, 1900-1998
Rosenberger Collection, 1886-1940
Rough Riders, Memorabilia, John Chase Collection, 1848-1950
Ruffner, Elisabeth, Papers, 1907-1995
Schmieder, Ruth Collection
Schoneberger, Bert and Ruth, Papers, 1953-1957
Scott, Archibald, Papers, 1906-1965
Shehi, Anitaraye Hartin, Papers 1893-1985
Small Manuscript Collections Guide
Smith, Abraham Lincoln, Biography, c. 1960
Smith, Fred J., Papers, 1917-1951
Snodgrass, Richard Collection, 1957-1970
Sparkes, Grace, Papers, 1924-1949
Stockton, Richard S., Papers, Ritter Collection, 1896-1898
Stone et. Al. vs. City of Prescott, Records, 1995-1997
Territory of Arizona vs. Thomas Powlas, Records, 1901-1902
Theobald, John, Papers, 1903-1938
Waara, J. William, Papers, 1911-1957
Walker, Irvin Collection, 1911-1981
Wallace, Andrew, Papers
Washington School Memories Collection
Wells, Edmund William Jr., Papers, 1864-1928
Whiteside, Dora Collection
Wildman, Francis M. III., Papers, 1963-1999
Wilson, Bruce Papers
Young, George U.
Young, Otis Jr., Papers, 1883-1980
Yount, Florence, Papers, 1936-1984

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