Fotofind was designed by William Leyshon to accompany his PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE 19th CENTURY: A Process Identification Guide which is also on this Web site.

Each question has brief explanation in order to insure better results. Some questions are yes/no, while others are multiple choice; all are prompted on the screen. The operator is instructed to click "uncertain" wherever there is doubt.

Photographic Processes Listed By Dates

What is the image base
Paper   Glass   Metal or Other
Paper: Usually this is self-evident, even if the picture is framed under glass.

Glass: One possible ambiguity is the crystoleum or Crystal photograph, which was an albumen print sealed to the underside of a convex cover glass, which is included in the listing of glass bases. Pictures framed under glass should not be confused with images printed on glass.

William Leyshon is a retired industrial physicist with a lifelong interest in photography, having using it as a tool in his electronics research, and as an amateur. In 1974 he co-published some of the first scanning electron microscope pictures of a Daguerreotype. He holds five patents and has written papers on many subjects. He has been active in museum archival work since 1981. He and his wife Emily have homes in Prescott, Arizona, and in Syracuse, New York.

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